Benefits of Search Engine Marketing


Search engine marketing is highly scalable and if your SEM campaign is converting at a profitable rate, there is no reason to arbitrarily cap spend on that campaign. You can increase your SEM budget and your leads and profits will increase accordingly.


Search engine marketing allows you to decide who you wish to target, where and when you want your ads to show. Most importantly, you decide how much marketing dollars you want to put into a SEM campaign. No minimum spend required!


Take the guesswork out of advertising. Unlike traditional advertising channels like TV and print ads, you can see how your ads are performing. With SEM, you can see how many people viewed your ads, visit your website, or call your business.

Why Choose Roots Digital Media?

We're Transparent
Enjoy complete transparency and access to all campaigns data, no hidden cost. We believe a healthy client-agency relationship is built on trust.
We Deliver Real Results
We deliver campaigns that give REAL ROI, and not just vanity metrics like clicks and impressions. Giving you the best bang for your bucks.
Digital At The Core
Our sophisticated, digitally-demanding client roster provides a rich set of digital marketing capabilities enviable by traditional advertisers.
What makes us different from other SEM agencies?
We’re not just paid ads experts, our SEM campaign management team consists of people who have worked for both tech startups and large companies, and we have a growth-oriented mindset that you’ll be hard pressed to find at other agencies.