Benefits of Having A Good Website?

Gain Credibility

If you are serious about your business, you should have a well-designed website. Your company website is usually is the first touch point your customer have in contact with your business. It is a great tool to provide useful information and convince them that you offer the best product or service.

Be Present 24/7

Your website will be the best salesperson you ever had that can help you to sell your products or services 24/7 to everyone all over the world, allowing them to visit your website anytime and inquire about them. No more downtime for your sales number with a great website design!

Increase Awareness

Combined with an effective digital marketing tool, such as SEO, will help you increase your website traffic. Allow your website to be found in search engines put you ahead of the competition. If 2 websites are selling the same thing, the search engine optimised website is more likely to win the deal!

Request For A Website Audit
To Help You Identify Areas You Can Improve To Help Boost Your Business.

Our Website Development Process And Overview

Discovery & Planning

The discovery process allows cross-team collaboration to help us better understand your business, combined with our expterise to establish a clear plan to develop the best website.

Site Architecture Planning

A well planned site architecture lays a solid foundation for SEO. Our web development team craft the optimal sitemap to ensure your website is designed with both the user & SEO in mind.

Wireframe Design

Our in-house conversion rate optimsation experts will carry out a user-flow mapping, to ensure every page of you website helps to funnel visitors directly to the key conversion points.

Full Site Design

Award-winning design combined with strategic vision, now it is time to make it a reality. We develop websites that create trust in your brand’s voice and help you grow your business.

Website Development

Your website is then setup and coded to be mobile-ready and search engine optimised, placing it in the best possible position for future customers to find you.

Site Launch

After a thorough vetting for bugs and improvements, it’s time to break out the champagne and reveal your new and improved look.

Why Choose Roots Digital Media?

We're Transparent
Enjoy complete transparency and access to all campaigns data, no hidden cost. We believe a healthy client-agency relationship is built on trust.
We Deliver Real Results
We deliver campaigns that give REAL ROI, and not just vanity metrics like clicks and impressions. Giving you the best bang for your bucks.
Digital At The Core
Our sophisticated, digitally-demanding client roster provides a rich set of digital marketing capabilities enviable by traditional advertisers.
What makes us different from other website design company?
We're not just another web design and development company. We are a team of digital marketing experts that consists of people who have worked for both tech startups and large companies, and we have a growth-oriented mindset that you'll be hard-pressed to find at other agencies.